Break It to Make It

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Break It to Make It

  • Do you tend to procrastinate or put things off . . . and then you are rushing at the last minute?

  • Do you usually start amazing projects, only to leave them unfinished?

  • Or, do you feel overwhelmed when you have to work on a big project and you don’t even know where to begin?

  • Have you tried method after method, but you still have not been able to improve your productivity?

  • Do you make every effort to manage your time and yet have failed to be efficient?

  • Do you get easily distracted by the constant flow of information brought by technology? 

Break it to make it

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If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions, you probably have a lively mind.

 I am going to teach you how to take advantage of it!

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But What is Break It to Make It?

A simple model


Get Things


Break It to Make It meets 4 objectives to ensure you make things happen:

  1. It allows freedom and flexibility for your mind to fly around (it will do so anyway).
  2. It provides a solid structure to land the vast amount of ideas your mind continuously brings.
  3. It equips you with navigation instruments to keep you on track towards where you want to go, and
  4. It gives you tools to “break time” and “break action” to really get things done.

Do you have to follow

the entire model?


Break It to Make It is  F U L L  of useful tips. 


Take a few of them, and your performance will improve remarkably.

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​What people are saying

amazon 5 star reviews

"I highly recommend this book for anyone who feels they have an active mind,or has been diagnosed with ADHD and is looking for ways to embrace this kind of thinking process. It is also an excellent reference book for educators and parents to understand students and children with active minds and to give helpful focusing tools. I am a retired teacher and i give this book an A+!"

"This book tells the story of a person who had the “excuse” of having ADHD and either way became successful. Who better than someone who fought and overcame a medical condition, related to focus and concentration, to give you tips to prevent procrastination and overwhelm, and to organize your life?"

"That's me. That's me. That's me! This phrase kept popping up as I read the first part of Break It to Make It. Reading this book has helped me understand that there is a reason why I am constantly rushing against deadlines: I have a lively mind. I jump from one task to another too easily, and sometimes this hurts my concentration and dedication to bigger projects."

"There are many productivity books and it would seem that Break It to Make it is just one more. Nothing further from the truth. In this book, the author Lu Mendoza, shows a very powerful method to use the potential of your mind to achieve what is important to you."

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Lu Mendoza The Lively Mind

The Author

Lu Mendoza was born in Mexico.
Her two beloved daughters call her a “geek mom”. 
She is retired now, after 20+ years of a very successful career in Latin America, in a Fortune top 50 transnational company.
She has lived with unmedicated and undiagnosed ADHD for 55 years. Without knowing about her condition, but inferring that her lively mind needed help to deliver the results that were expected of her, she tried, adopted, and tweaked many time management and productivity methods . . . until she found the combination of tools that worked for her.
With this method she has been able to achieve everything that has been important to her personally and professionally. 
“Break It to Make It” is the result of her 40+ years of experience, where she shares her life´s learnings through an easy method that maximizes the potential of a “lively mind”, to achieve everything that matters to you in life.